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INFLA-HEAL PLUS (180/360 TABLETS) infla_heal_plus_180 id 18139
Inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to physical, chemical and metabolic stress as well as to injuries that initiate tissue damage. In a healthy person, inflammation initiates the process of ridding the body of damaged tissue and rejuvenating the damaged area. However, when inflammatory pathways are abnormal or crippled, a chronic state of inflammation can develop and persist. 

Simply put, inflammation increases the flow of fluids to and from an affected site, turning the site of inflammation into a “construction zone”. Most over-the-counter pain relievers block your body’s desire to initiate inflammation, slowing the healing process. 

Infla-Heal Plus is a formulation of digestive and proteolytic enzymes with antioxidants and metabolic cofactors including serratiopeptidase to help break down and remove debris from an injured or inflammed site more effectively. This helps eliminate the root cause of inflammation and can speed the healing process more rapidly.

Each Enteric coated tablet contains:
Serratiopeptidase17,500 AU
Pancreatin concentrate (4 x 240 mg) 960 mg
Bromelain (2400 GDU) 
125 mgPapain970,000 PUTrypsin (1:150)120 mg
Chymotrypsin20 mg
Rutin  85 mg
L-Cysteine10 mg
Zinc (Gluconate)2.6 mg

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