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Without Predudice.

Health care in the worlld is being handled by companies that only exist to make a profit.  How can we expect anything else.  We place money on the stock market and expect a greater return.  Our pention funds buy stocks in high performers and some of these are the pharmaceutical companies.  They make us big money and do so only on sick people.  If everyone was healthy they stock market would suffer the loss of the pharaceutical participants.  If cancer were cured we would have a lot less business acitivity and profit.  How could you possibly expect cancer to be cured?  If measles were cured how many jobs would be lost?  Which company that exists to make vaccines would bother to make one that would stop new orders?  There will never be an advancement in being healthier until we release big business from the task of making us rich on sick people.

 When the government buys back and owns health care we will have advancement in human health.  I personally do not know of a government with enough ambition and resources to do this.  The US government is to busy making money from war.  The Indian government cannot get things together.  The Chinese are too busy making money.  The European countries have lost their ability to make moves as an indepentant country and their policies are dictated by the United Nations.  The position of the UN is to create only Civil law where humans are secondary to government.  The financial power of entiries against the UN must be brought down either through war or constitutional modifications as seen with Indonesia and Canada.  The UN's moto is "One World, One Government" which is like their subsiduary called The Olypic Commettee that claims "One World, One Dream".  This dream is to own every aspect of human life and profit from every dollar traded.  Key players are Bankers through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that controls every dollar transfered between any country.  Any that do not follow along have funds with held.  The food of the planet is controlled by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Farming and Agriculture Organization (FAO).  Together these two organization teamed up with the World Health Organization (WTO) to form the Codex Alimentarius Commission to regulate all foods produced and labeled for human consumption.  They are bringing us the new label laws that never disclose the Geneticalll Modified Organisms (GMO).  Monsanto and Bayer Agri are the key players.  Recently they forced all Indian farmers to use GMO eggplant where the seeds are so expensive that most small farmers will be out of business.  The new label law does not require to tell you that the product is GMO.  This was done on purpose so that they can bring us anything that might even include melamine in the milk and can be labeled organic by the new regulations forced on us.  Our food supply is being treated just the health care system; profit rules the government.

 No wonder the governments are not being trusted anymore.  In Pakistan the judges went on strick to earn back the right to rule by law.  What happens is that the judges are appointed by the government polititians and they are fired by them as well. This is what happened when George Bush did not get his way in court and fired twelve judges.  Lesson to the others; do as I say and not what is in the law books.  Any judicial system is compromised when the law keepers do not keep law and order with their sponsors such as the polititions.  This is the same in Canada.  It is very easy to give a judge a tidy Swiss Bank account full of money when the case goes 'the right way'.

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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