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Topic: Regenerating Nerve Cells

Following a trauma, surgery, wound, broken bone or burn where the skin is broken there will be an infection. In some cases the immune system eliminates the infections but most often it does not.
Scar tissue is often where bacteria and fungi can reside for decades. This colony of growth would encase itself with the fungal bad LDL cholesterol where human good HDL cholesterol could not penetrate for regeneration. 
The surgical process in the related article, "Paralyzed Man Walks Again"  would bypass the barriers established by the infection and signal other human cells to join them in the fight against the infection.
Plaque can build up inside our arteries and restrict the flow of blood. This can also cause high blood pressure along with reduction of oxygen to tissues. Inside the arterial plaque there is often noted amounts of calcium to add hardness or arterial sclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
Taurine is found in all fluids of the body and includes the blood. When there is higher amounts of taurine circulating this taurine softens the arterial plaque and reduced the calcium build up. In the long term the arteries return to full size and the blood pressure returns to normal while the arteries become less hard and more flexible.
The CNS - Central Nervous System or brain also becomes hard and brittle with age and dementia. The taurine is also high in this fluid and also reduces the hardness to restore normal cognitive function and memory. 
The dose of taurine has to be fairly high and around 30+ grams per day to reverse problems. Taurine in the CNS and spinal fluids can be blocked by excess bad LDL cholesterol. This is where niacin helps to lower bad LDL and increase the good HDL cholesterol.
The consumption of whole eggs is essential to repairing nervous tissue because the egg yolk contains the good HDL cholesterol.
Here is a breakdown of our brain.
Total volume on average:   1.4 Liters.
Water                                    1.2 Liters
Good HDL cholesterol         0.150 Liters 
Minerals, vitamins, protein   0.050 Liters
When the water is removed the brain is 75% good HDL cholesterol. Brain function is based on high levels of good HDL cholesterol.
Most cholesterol in the body is found in the brain and nervous tissue. So eat your egg yolks daily.
The most noted hormone to stimulate regrowth of nerves is testosterone which is made from good HDL Cholesterol. 
Circulation is a key problem for people with MS and this is nerve numbness from lack of blood flow. This is also restricted with infections, plaque and calcium. 
Movement is found to regenerate the brain more than anything else.
Notice in the article, "Paralysed man walks again":
Mr Fidyka undergoes five hours of physiotherapy a day
Old mice were divided into three groups. The goal of the study was to see how nerves could be regenerated. They used radio labeled food and measured how many cells developed in the brain from this radioacitve food. It was very low intensity but enough to be measured with MRI.
One group was put in to maze of brain stimulating things such as color, movement, sounds, running water, mobiles, occasional breezes, wind mills moving, hanging shoe laces to play with and occasional soft music. 
The second group was given a small cage each with the running wheel that mice like to run on.
The third group was given each small cages where they could only move around as they would.
The surprise is that the maze of brain stimulation was no different than the small cage where they could only walk around. The big increase in new brain cells was the mice with the running wheel. But, they noticed that the mice would run for hours and hours which could not be replicated on old human beings so they installed retractable arms to remove the wheel where it was available for only four hours per day. Similar to an elder person going to the mall, shopping and a casual walk, about four hours per day of movement. 
Still the four hours gave the same results of major increases in new brain cells. Remember that these mice were old and equivalent to humans over age 70.
They went to a seniors home that was mostly those dying of cancer and explained things. The seniors were willing to eat slightly radio active food in exchange for some compensation to help with their cancer. 
The findings were that those bed confined had the fewest new brain cells. Next level was the ones that could walk around the halls. The group of seniors that went weekly to the mall shopping had by far the most new brain cells. 
Then to consider that the brain was stimulated by movements in the mall they went one step further. They installed a mall like environment in one wing of the seniors home with escalators, signs, shopping, cafe and the works of a small mall. Those who could shuffle around the halls could then go to the mall and even those in wheel chairs. Again the brain cells remained the same. 
In the end it was determined that movement of going out of the building, on to a buss, and in general getting exercise movement was the sole reason there was an increase in new brain cells.
In the article, "Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant" was indeed helped with the micro surgery but the key to regaining the ability to walk is movement as in this case he received five hours per day of physiotherapy. Movement, movement and more movement is key to brain cell regeneration. Nothing else will do it but be sure to eat egg yolk with the good HDL cholesterol. Check out the Rebound Diet as well. 

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