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As a nurse and mother of 3 boys 6 and under I can assure you I won't allow this vaccine to be given to my sons. I would not even allow it to be given to my daughter if I had one. This vaccine was fastracked without proper trials being done on it. One of the scientists that was on the team that created it feels it is unsafe. Cervival cancers are not even diagnosed until women are at least in their 40's making it unknown if this vaccine will even work.
Please before getting all excited that the government is not funding males to get this vaccine please research the actual rates of these cancers. Also it should be known that Health Canada reports that cervical cancer rates have decreased by 2% each year from 1995-2004...mostly due to cancer screening. 
Research the list of side effects (many serious and chronic) from this vaccine on the online VAERS Vaccine adverse effects registry in the U.S.. One of the listed side effects on the drug monogram is cervical cancer! "The Common Good" is a very good documentry to view. There are many documented cases of girls lives destroyed by this vaccine.
A 500$ shot to possibly decrease a risk of a low incidence cancer. The drug companies are grinning to the bank. Especially when they see this CBC newscast of unknowing parents complaining the government is being unfair in not offering their boys this "wonderful" vaccine.In response to:

Free HPV vaccine urged for boys

$500 immunization covered for girls but not boys

Posted: Apr 15, 2012 9:31 AM ET

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