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Topic: Gravity


Gravity affects us greatly. The moon rotates around the earth every 28 days and this is the time for the female menstrual cycle. 

The moon also causes tides in the ocean. As the moon rotates around the earth it pulls water with it to create tides. When the moon is near to the sun we see the dark side and it is called a new moon. Being here the gravity of the moon adds to the sun's gravity and the tides are greatest. As the moon revolves to the opposite side of the sun it is fully illuminated to give a full moon. At this time the gravities detract or subtract from each other to give the smallest tides. 

During a new moon we also feel emotionally strong. During a full moon we are less emotionally strong and liable for lunacy. This is the word about being crazy and is derived from the moon's lunar position.

When I worked in the hospital there were always more beds occupied during a full moon in the psychiatric ward.

The Chinese have a Lunar New Year on the second new moon after the winter solstice. This ensures that winter is over and the new moon has everyone in a good positive mental state.

The same thing happens with day and night. During the day the sun's gravity affects us the most and we feel good. To avoid this we hibernate during the night because the earth blocks, detracts or subtracts from the gravity of the sun. When the gravity goes low the fungi, bacteria, mold, parasites and nocturnal animals wake up, eat and grow. During the night our bugs grow and we can deteriorate during the night to wake up stiff, sore, achy and sneeze, cough and have heart attacks first thing in the morning. When these bugs grow we have the lunacy of midnight. Most heart attacks happen between 4-8 AM and patients mostly arrive at the hospital between 6-10 AM. To combat this the human body fights the night bugs.

Just before we fall asleep the thyroid releases a shot of growth hormone receptors laced with a Trojan Horse of iodine. This iodine kills bugs that use our own growth hormone for stimulation. They are very lazy and without digestive systems feed on our energy. This is highly seen with chronic fatigue, fibro-myalgia and diabetes. To feed them we begin to need to constantly eat and crave sugary foods all the time.

They highly need water as well. The spine joints are 99% water and relate to low back pains and arthritis. These bugs will also sense coming water and flare up just before it rains. Many people find that living in dry climates helps slow down the growth of these bugs. Some even find that having a shower affects them to the point that they begin to sponge bath or restrict water by showering only twice per week. This is why so many kids get sick after public swimming pools; it is the water.

On our skin we develop contact dermatitis because in places where the skin touches itself there is less drying and a buildup of moisture. The same for jock itch and athletes foot. Sweaty and moist areas that do not dry properly and the bugs grow more easily than other parts of the body. When the whole body is overwhelmed we have eczema and fibro-dermatitis. This is the same as muscular fibro-myalgia but on the skin. Some are diagnosed with ichthyosis. This stands for thickened and dry skin. The bugs grow and thicken the skin and drink all the water to make it really dry.

Most people have a reduced set of syndromes and symptoms during the summer. This is because they are living in a period of time where the earth is more tipped towards the sun and they experience a higher level of gravitational energy. The sun also helps to kill bugs along with the gravity.

In 2012 the planets align. This means that all of the planets will add to the gravitational pull of the sun. We will live during a year where the gravity is higher than usual and will experience improved thinking, mood and health. People will have less brain fog and think more clearly.

Currently Venus is eclipsing the sun. Venus is the second planet from the sun. Earth is the third planet from the sun. Venus and Earth are sister planets because they are similar in size. Venus rotates around the sun only every 224 years  This makes 1788 the last time Venus was fully adding to the sun's gravity. I would suspect that the effects are enjoyed for many years at a time and not short lived. It would be nice to see a time lapse of the planets orbits to see how varied their orbits are. What I mean here is that the plane of orbit could be at right angles to each other and the effect would be faster than if on the same plane.

Here is a picture size comparison of the four closest planets to the sun being; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, respectively.

Although Jupiter and Saturn are larger than earth they are mostly composed of gases. This makes them light and low in gravitational pull. The planets that are mostly make of rock are the four closest to the sun and need the stronger gravitational pull of the sun to stay in the sun's orbit. The gravitational effects are strongest on rock material and hormones are structurally set up to significantly respond to gravity. Sleep, fertility, mood and menstruation are directly affected by gravity.

The size of Venus and the nearness to both the sun and earth makes it extremely significant in gravitational effects on humans. We certainly can expect major health and thinking benefits while Venus eclipses the sun to us.

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