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Topic: Fungi


There are 20,000 different types of fungi that cause disease in humans. This is from medical reports. I am sure that the majority of cancer is fungi and that they produce spores that are often mistaken for viruses. Some fungi fight other fungi as do bacteria and most life forms. We carry around 10% of our body weight in bugs that include bacteria and fungi (yeast) even when healthy.

A friend of mine had been growing fungi in her dark closet and drinking the fluids each day. This is referenced as a health item on Google. I think they are the shitake mushroom. I visited her and she gave me a taste. It was vinegar. As yeast makes vinegar after fermenting first into alcohol such as apples into apple cider and then into apple cider vinegar. The same happens with grapes but much slower. We so similar with rice, potatoes, grains and anything that will grow yeast. The brewer's yeast are friendly and do not cause diseases. The same with the baker's yeast. So we have good yeast and bad yeast which are both part of the fungi family.

Using a cordyceps mushroom on the skin might be a bit moot. The skin has a significant amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This is one of the carboxylic acids which also includes  acetic acid (vinegar) and lactic acid (from exercise). The skin's health is based on being acidic. The good skin products are a pH or around 3.5 with healthy skin at pH 5.5. It becomes alkaline when we have zits or are sick. The good skin schools teach this as well.

In our body the carboxylic acids are easily removed through the breath. If you pant your blood pH will become more alkaline and quickly you will get dizzy and pass out. The only time we become to acidic is when we cannot breath properly. This is noted when hospital bed confined and pneumonia sets in. The Internet claims to alkaline the body are a fraud designed to help makes us sick and sell drugs. Here is an article by Dr. Gabe Mirkin about pH being nonsense. The only part of the body we can change and survive is the urine.

The best way to fix the skin is from the inside. This is why we call dark skin spots, "liver spots" because the skin is affected from the inside. The best for smooth and flexible skin is MSM. The best to reverse the leathery texture from too much sun or old age is the high purine foods. These might flare up gout but the real underlying cause of gout is fructose. The purine foods such as red meat, red wine, coffee, asparagus, spinach and others are in fact the very same foods that will cure gout and skin disorders.

Check out the Rebound Diet. In the long form of version 6.0 we have a list of good supplements and bad supplements.

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