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Topic: Calcium to War


I would like to find time to produce a film that takes us on a journey from calcium to war. In this film I would show how society is set up to keep the young homeless, angry and frustrated where war is an easy and viable option. 

Cancer is an infection and not a human cell gone wild. These infected cells, you could say that a human cell is infected internally and then goes wild due to the infection inside, do not have an insulin system where they can turn on  and off growth.

In a human we have the growth hormone system of insulin that can regulate growth and turn it on, stimulation and turn it off, suppression. This is used to repair a damage such as a cut or scrape in the skin. Fungi, bacteria and plants do not have this system. If a plant is injured their only option is to regrow the part. It cannot be repaired. This is what happens when a fungi sets into our body. There are 20000 different types of fungi that cause disease in humans and they have a DNA almost identical to ours as a way to hide from the immune system but they do not have the ability to regulate growth. Like a mushroom a fungi have spores that we also call viruses, caps, stems and roots. These roots seek out moisture the is very high in the spinal joints to give us low back pain and arthritis. These fungi are lazy but are stimulated by our own growth hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. This is why the breast with estrogen is the second cause of cancer death in women and the high testosterone prostate is the second highest death from cancer in men. The breast tissue and the prostate tissue are like clusters of grapes and come from the endoderm of the embryo. This endoderm also produces the grape like clusters in the lungs and death from lung cancer is the highest in both men and women.

There are so many misleading information's about human health that we are being herded into disease to produce profit for corporations.  All cancer requires an overload of calcium to flourish and overwhelm the body. I would like to produce a film and the title would be, "Calcium to War". This is because calcium is the cause of anger, frustrations and hostility in humans to promote wars. In the olden days our parents owned farms and houses. By promoting calcium we develop higher rates of cancer. The cost of treating cancer is to transfer the wealth from our parents into corporations and leave the young people with no real home to relax in and the calcium also increases anger and hence the young have no real place to go and fight. I can back all of this up with statistics, medical studies and evidence by country numbers.

Then to further frustrate the male we have circumcision. The male does not get full gratification from intercourse and treats women poorly. In the world you can compare a countries' circumcision rates to the rate of crime and fighting. The Jews and Islams are around 97% circumcised while the Americans are around 68%.

The lowest rate is Sweden and their HIV rates are some of the lowest in the world. You can also compare the highest AIDS rates to the countries with the highest circumcision rates. Africa is around 98% circumcised while Sweden is around 3%. The war engaged countries have high circumcision rates while the new economic powers have low rates. The BRICS nations are low; Brazil <20%, Russia <20, India <20%, South Africa <40%. Some of these numbers are being hidden and are actually around 2-5%. Canada has low rates but is over influenced by the US foreign policies.

In a film about Calcium-to-war I would like to show that the people have habits formed by the media to keep wars going. Consider what would happen to the economies of war if our parents home and summer cottage were passed down and the kids worked hard and added an apartment in the city. Then the next generation could also work hard just for the maintenance while enjoying a calm and free life.

This is not good for the bankers and war machine corporations so they created women's liberation to get women into the work force. This had two benefits; one to double taxes paid per household, and two, so that Dr.Mom is put out to a stress job and cannot doctor the family and keep the home in order. The disorder of society is better for war and profits.

So we have cancer promoted due to the over consumption of sugar and calcium. The purpose is so that the cost of treatment ensures that the family home is lost into the corporate profits of society and the kids have no real place to go except possibly enroll in the army. In some societies the kids must enter the army every two years. If I remember right a friend from Israel had to join the army every two years for his active adult life years. War destroys homes and families so that work can be done to rebuild constantly and to keep the guy from enjoying a fulfilling life he is circumcised to keep the pleasure down and him angry and frustrated.

In Hebrew it is the Brit milah and must cause pain and draw blood.

In Islam it is the Khitan.
Macris (1992) argue that circumcision encodes the perinatal brain with violence and negatively affects infant-maternal bonding and trust.[60]
This is so true. They find in some studies that children that are circumcised early in life have the highest rates of school yard violence and intolerance to others.  An easy way to keep the war economy going.

When I survey urologists they tell me that absolutely no adult male is happy with circumcision when being intact is experienced and compared. When I survey the retired sex workers from around the US military bases in the Philippines they tell me that in tact males enjoy sex more and more often than circumcised men. This would account for lower rates of STD's but only due to reduced encounters. The reason that HIV transmission is higher in circumcised countries is due to the fact that the men are less sensitive and more likely to refuse to use condoms.

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