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Topic: Saccharin and Sodium Saccharin



Aspartame is dangerous as it reacts to produce trace amounts of formaldehyde.  This is one of the most toxic molecules known and is used to preserve body parts such as a brain or liver for hundreds of years.  It is an artificial sweetener.
Sometimes people get the idea that all artificial sweeteners are bad and confusion sets in.  Saccharin destroys and allows cancer in bladders that are alkaline such as is seen with rats.  In humans a healthy bladder/urine is acidic and in this case cancer does not set in, as often.
Men have more calcifications due to testosterone and from the testosterone rich prostate have high rates of prostate cancer.  Men also have three times the rate of bladder cancer than women due to their calcium rich body.  Women outlive men due to less calcium.
Women have high levels of calcium in breast milk and therefore higher rates of breast cancer than men.
Our body needs glucose sugar to be stored in the liver to keep the brain nourished during the long period of not eating when we sleep.  This sugar is regulated by insulin.  The other sugars such as fructose and other sweeteners such as saccharine cannot be regulated by insulin and are of no need in the body.
So I cannot say saccharine is bad until the bladder becomes alkaline with high levels of the alkaline properties of calcium disrupt the pH of the bladder.  In general only the bladder pH and no other body tissue can be modified by diet .
Saccharine would be less dangerous than calcium in the body.

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis. 
It is my opinion. 

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