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Topic: Pigments



What is Bilberry for? A blue-black pigment such as blueberry, iodine and coffee. Helps the immune system
Curcumin? A yellow pigment that is water soluble so does not help oil-lipid parts of the body. Known to help untangle nerves and reverse dementia and numbness. Is called an anti-inflammatory which is mostly from yeast-fungi infections.
Goutrin? Is a blend of red pigmented cherry and other diuretics to help with gout. It is more of a band-aid rather than a cure.
There are five pigments needed in the body:
White; potatoe, rice
black-blue; coffee, blueberry, iodine,
red; tomato, red pepper, chili,
yellow; yams, yellow pepper, curcumin (yellow curry)
green; green vegetables, chlorophyll, spinach,
These pigments make up the darkness of the skin, tanned skin-melanocytes, the color of eyes, hair and red blood. Without pigments we are sick as seen with anemia which means "without [an-] blood [-emia] or without red blood color or a lack of red blood cells to give a pale color to the skin.
Some are fat soluble and some are water soluble. In general all are best absorbed from cooked foods but not high temperature cooked such as fried. Water cooked foods are best such as soup.


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