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Information about health is constantly expanding.  Many new findings contrast with popular thinking and there is conflict such as we see with the MMR vaccine.  The Internet is a collection of both the old and new concepts without proper discussion of both sides of the conflicting ideas in one document. When Galileo stated that the earth was round he was jailed until he agreed otherwise. They didn't stop and look at the facts but instead the people polarized into a group and violently opposed any reasonable thought.

Most of the popular information given to us about health is reinforced and repeated by a group of healthy medical practitioners that are gainfully employed in their professional career.  Their incomes are secure and significant if they are compliant and conform to the established and popular therapies. If they challenge or deviate from these norms their career and income is at risk.

It appears to me that when a person becomes sick they are not happy with what is offered to them from the medical community and set out to find better.  To do this most turn to the Internet and set out to find better therapies. Any concept or therapy that is not part of the medical establishment is not funded and opposed.  This leaves the information fragmented and untested or lost in controversial argument without looking at the science behind the belief as when Galelao described the evidence of a round planet.

If we hear a myth often enough it becomes our unstopable truth. Being sick and wanting to fix the problem is difficult.  Using a mythical therapy may be standard but in the end we just waste our lives being sick. The well funded medical community is not rewarded by fixing our health problems when in fact they make more money the longer we are sick.  This is not a conspiracy; it is just big business. Expecting big business to cure our ailments and loose future incomes is a lesson in being very patient.  Some of us are not so patient and want results sooner than later.  As a group the funding is low and the regulations are often opposed to new ideas and truths.  let us open our minds at look at the science of biology.

In my opinion and experience the promotion of vitamin D is wrong. I will not likely change this popular concept but I might be able to help you understand that it might not be right for you at this time.  It is of no concequence to most of us what we do when we are healthy.  Finding our path back to health is a different ball game.  In my passion for true knowledge and health I am only focused on results.  Getting back to health for a disease is brutally hard.  Acheiving this is a prize that only a sick person can understand how significant and life changing it can be. Learning how our very complex body works takes a lot of time and dedication.  Most people do not plan ahead for disease and when it hits we often feel overwhelmed and confused.  I hope to put together a set of information that is organized and understandable enough for an individual to test it and use the information not only productively but swiftly.  Getting back on with our life is more important than becoming a scientist.

We hope to provide you with accurate and understandable information for you to take charge of you health and enjoy a great life.

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon


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