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By Bryon Verhaeghe
May 2003

Every day I encounter people who have heard of a new product either from friends or ads with spectacular claims about improving health. Most of them come back a few months later seeking a new product or regime. When I ask them how their previous quest went, they would quickly pass it off, forgetting how adamant they were about the product’s marvels. If I press them they would simply state that it didn’t work.

I encourage people to experiment with products to find the right one for them. Unfortunately most use advertising as their bases of research. One example is the Greens products. They claim improved energy. This is true and the Green products are easy for us to digest. If a stomach is out-of-sorts there will be some nutritional deficits in the body. The improved nutrition will undoubtedly increase energy. What we are not aware of is the fact that the Greens have a significant amount of licorice. A stimulation of energy is seen with licorice. The effect seems to sustain for a month or two, some people find it longer, long enough for a habit of using Greens to develop and word of mouth promotion to friends and family. But after a few months people are exhausted both financially and physically. These products are highly advertised, expensive and also promoted by consumers.

Occasionally professionals lead misconceptions. One of many involves acid-alkaline properties in the body. When we take a product to lower stomach acid, like calcium, the lowering is significant and the body compensates by increasing the production of stomach acids. A rebound effect happens and we again get severe hyper (excess) acid in the stomach. We create a habit that keeps us dependent on products that lower stomach acid. During the periods of low stomach acid unfriendly bacteria have opportunities to invade the lining of the stomach, such as H-pylori, and a serious ulcer develops. Also, agents that lower stomach acids for prolonged periods and used for prolonged periods, such as acid pump inhibitors, allow bacteria that should have been sterilized in the stomach to pass into the intestines and bowel. Along with this our food is less digested and low-grade malnutrition develops to further lower the immune system. In short, I notice that many people develop bowel disease after a few years of prescription acid pump inhibitor drugs.

We often get sick when flying in airplanes because the moving air through the recycled air loses electrons. Without the electrons our immune system is less strong. Another way to lose electrons is by taking calcium. Calcium lowers acid by consuming electrons. Acids donate electrons and alkalizing agents (bases) consume electrons. Taking calcium may make us feel better initially because it attracts water to our body and the extra hydration (water) makes us feel better.

Calcium is also known as limestone, a very durable rock. When bacteria colonize the prostate and attract the calcium, the prostate calcifies. This is called BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy). The new prostate group,, is slick and well funded with many studies and doctors. If you post and state that you think your prostate has a bacterial infection, you will be banned from the site. In

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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