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Topic: Browning Foods


Comment from the article: Toxins in the Cooking Process by Alan R. Gabyu, MD

Here is what C-Reactive Protein (CRP) means: Chlamydia. pneumonia, from a bacteria that is the size of a large virus. And it relates to hardening of the arteries. Once it destroys the arteries it causes a heart attack. In the SARS bacteria the disease is greatly sped up and we die in one week following a flu like symptom. The Chlamydia makes a Pneumonia like symptom at first. Somehow people believe that cholesterol has something to do with this process but it does not.
So my question about this research. How does browning food cause a bacterial infection? NOT POSSIBLE. In my opinion this is could be misleading and misinterpreted.
But in their defense it is good to point out that browning foods make us sick.
What does happen is that a protein is destroyed or called 'denatured' or not-natural when it is burned and contains ash. This ash shows up as brown color. The same ash from a cigarette harms the lungs and even well done steak relates to significantly higher stomach cancer risk as compared to medium-rare steak due to the browning ash content.
We have stopped frying all foods in our kitchen. We only cook moist and over long periods of time. The steak is now roast. The fried eggs are now poached. The frying pan was replaced with a crock pot.
The study is correct in the browning of foods are bad.  It could go one step further to point out that browning foods leads to heart attacks. This study is great but needs to be part of a two step study.
1. Browning foods makes us sick, and, can be measured by CRP
2. CRP relates to cardiovascular disease, heart attack and death.
Additional study needed:
3. Raw foods make us sick, and, can be measured by CRP.
Cook to kill the bacteria but not over cooked to destroy the nutrient value when browned or blackened with ash.

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon


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