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Topic: Arginine


Arginine is in all of our foods and this means to me that it can be taken as a supplement with or without food. The blood picks up nutrients passively which means that they just mingle to merge. If the blood is full of nutrients the new ones just pass. This is why we can eat the toxic sugars after a meal such as desert. So best would be empty blood and empty stomach. The blood gets emptied with time and use so a work out depletes the blood. The blood is most empty when we wake up but the glutathione and other sulfurs are most needed. The nitrogen foods such as arginine are in short supply later in the day so I suggest to take arginine 30plus minutes before dinner or a couple hours after dinner. The growth factors needing arginine are most needed 30-60 minutes after we fall asleep so an hour before bed would work. I suggest around three capsules which us often 1,500 mg. If you are after hyper growth and hyper healing you could take this amount at lunch dinner and before bed. When there is too much growth we enlarge such as giantism and the skin grows thicker and ALSO sideways. The overgrowth appears as a skin fold on the face from the nose to the jaw line. Over time we develop a large padded hand, a deep hollow voice and our skull grows but these take decades. We also need repair and growth after strong exercise so you could take this dose just before or just after a workout.

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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