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Canada considers Internet metering.


When parents nag kids to reduce their Internet usage which do you think they will reduce?
1. Entertainment  2. News  3. Education
Internet metering will increase fad-fashion and decrease culture-knowledge, in my opinion.
Science and biology will take second place.  What if the Canadian Government kept CBC under the requirement to produce high school education on YouTube-like channels.  Fewer classes, fewer school rooms, fewer school discipline problems, fewer school hours, less environmental pollution from cars, reduced transportation costs, fewer school meal problems, and, a whole lot more people of all ages learning.  The good teachers would still have jobs with less stress where they could tweak video presentations and even have them rated with awards.  Heck, award winning education in everyone's home.  Then you could sell the content to foreigners while it is free for Canadians that are in Canada.  Is the metering of the Internet the beginning of being more stupid?  -Bryon
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