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This page is about the use of additives to livestock feed to enhance production. These additives to livestock feed are then passed on the humans through diet.
--- Without Prejudice ---
Types used in animals:
A1. milk enhancing - stimulates breasts......updated Aug 2015
A2. meat enhancing - stimulates muscles......old
A3. flavor enhancing milk - feed glutamate
A4. tenderizing meat - feed addities................seach soy
A5. color modifications - diet modifications......not done

Types used in plants:
P1. faster growth stimulation....not done
P2. larger size enhancement.....not done
P3. increased color intensities......not done

A1. Stimulating cows to produce more milk.

rBST is added to the diet of dairy cows to stimulate the size of the cow's utters and increase milk production.

rBST means: "recombinant Bovine SomatoTropin"
recombinant means: made in the lab
Bovine means: cattle, buffalo, ox, and similar animals
Somatotropin is also known as growth hormones (GH).

Growth hormones are complex and have many forms.
In general a GH will stimulate cells to grow in size, grow in number, repair or increase their activity. This is also known as a stress signal.
Simplified examples:
Testosterone stimulates the growth of muscles.
Estrogen stimulates the growth of breasts.
Prolactin stimulates the production of milk.
TSH stimulates the production of Throid Hormones.
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) stimulates athletic performance.

rBST then stimulates IGF-1, Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, to stimulate both breast (uddar) size and milk production (volume).

It is noted that the side effect of lab produced rBST eventually causes the cattle to have more difficulties in walking, increased rates of Herpes viruses and bacterial infecitons that further require higher amounts of antibiotics, and more mucus (pus) in the milk; compared to non-rBST cattle.

rBST is banned in 146 countries but common in USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Pressure is on some of the countries that ban rBST such as Russia, Taiwan and China.

Lifetime risk of breast cancer worldwide
Figure 1.4 Liftetime risk of breast cancer worldwide

Source: Forouzanfar et al. [49]

Source: Forouzanfar et al. [49]
- See more at:

The UN Sponsored Codex Alimentarius will stop monitoring Processed Cheese for rBST, allowing it to be present.

Wikipedia: Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH > rBST)
- "The Food and Drug AdministrationWorld Health OrganizationAmerican Medical AssociationAmerican Dietetic Association, and the National Institute of Health have independently stated that dairy products and meat from BST treated cows are safe for human consumption."

- "Two meta-analyses have been published on rBST's effects on bovine health.[6][7] Findings indicated an average increase in milk output ranging from 11%–16%, a nearly 25% increase in the risk of clinical mastitis, a 40% reduction in fertility and 55% increased risk of developing clinical signs of lameness."

- "Breast cancer may coincide with or mimic symptoms of mastitis." -Wikipedia: Mastitis.

US Fertility rates hit all time low with the young hit the hardest - US Government Info

New Breast Cancer Rates in the World; USA, Canada, Australia, UK, EU, New Zealand lead the map.

The relationship between human breast health and bovine breast health is arguable either way.
However profits soar with the use of rBST and is human health at the mercy of profit?

A2. Meat and muscle stimulants:

The key one here is called Paylean(R) Ractopamine
- the more lean the meat the more pay a farmer will earn and the more profit a pharmaceutical will make.

Causes hardening of the muslces to cause animals not to be able to walk.

Hardens the arteries to cause heart disease

Used in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Brazil and a total of 27 countries. Approved by Codex Alimentarius of the UN / WTO / WHO group of NGO's.

Banned in Russia, Taiwan, China, EU and other countries.

The US people are dying younger and live more sick.

The WTO fines the EU 100mln USD per year for not buying American meat.

Approved by the Codex Alimentarius which was formed under the WTO and the WHO, World Trade Organization and World Health Organization, respectively.

Avoid meat from these countries and especially the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Causes Obesity and Fibromyalgia. 


This is written in my opinion and is not to be taken as anything else. Bryon Verhaeghe 

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